Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Tips for medical practices to stay prepared for medical emergencies

Banyan FAA emergency medical kit

Minimum Contents For FAA-Approved Emergency Medical Kits

Sphygmomanometer Stethoscope Airways, oropharyngeal: 1 pediatric, 1 small adult, and 1 large adult or equivalent Self-inflating manual resuscitation device with 1 pediatric mask, 1 small adult mask, and 1 large...
Sick airline passanger

Required by FAA Since 1986, Airline Emergency Medical Kits Have Expanded Over the Years

Since 1986 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations have mandated that all domestic passenger airplanes with a flight attendant have an emergency medical kit containing medications and devices onboard1. The FAA also...
U.S. opioid crisis

Surgeon General Urges Equipping More Americans With Naloxone

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams recommended today that more Americans should be equipped with Narcan (naloxone) to save victims of opioid overdoses.  “Research shows that when naloxone and overdose education...
Doctors during medical emergency

Three Factors to Assess Your Practice’s Medical Emergency Readiness

Medical emergencies aren’t frequent at a physician’s office. But they are always possible, and studies show they are not rare. Yet there is no national standard or requirement for primary care...
Doctor with stethoscope

How To Assess Your Practice’s Medical Emergency Response Needs

Since general practices see sick patients and those who accompany them every day, doctors can count on needing to respond to a medical emergency at some point in their careers.  A...
Young patient in imaging center

Imaging Centers Quick to Help Patients In Medical Emergency

Unexpected allergic reactions can happen at any time in a medical practice or facility – to patients, staff or even family members in the waiting room. Every week, HealthFirst representatives learn...

How a Physician Practice Can Be Ready for a Pediatric Medical Emergency

Do you see pediatric patients, or do children often accompany adults to visits at your practice or medical office? Then you very likely will encounter a serious pediatric illness or injury...
Nurse with patient

Pain Clinic Revives Patient Suffering Possible Opioid Overdose

Medical emergencies can happen at any time in a medical practice or facility. Every week, HealthFirst representatives learn from our customers how they have managed a medical emergency using their emergency...

Dr. Pancioli’s Advice to Physicians: Be Ready for Medical Emergencies

Dr. Arthur Pancioli thinks often about that very ill patient in your waiting room who should instead be in an emergency room.  As chairman of the Department of Medicine at the...

With Opioid Crisis Growing, Doctors Need to be Equipped with Naloxone

Naloxone quickly has become a key medication that all medical professionals should have on hand, and be ready to use in a medical emergency, says Dr. Arthur Pancioli, chair of the...
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