5 Cost-Saving Reasons to Automate Your Crash Cart

nurse medication tray in a crash cart

Crash carts are rolling cabinets that transport medication trays, kits, and equipment for medical emergency use. Seems simple enough, and probably not worth a second thought, right? Wrong. These carts are audit magnets. Expired medications, recalled medications, out of compliance lots, and a lack of documentation regarding the expiry and use of the medications in crash carts are all factors that can lead to an audit—and costly fines or citations in its wake.[1]

Cost, Efficiency, Risk Reduction Benefits

By automating your crash cart ordering and document compliance, you’ll save money and protect your practice from unnecessary risk. Read on for five key reasons to automate today.

  1. Manually checking a crash cart requires non-productive staff time. What else could your nurse or assistant be doing that provides more value than checking expiration dates?
  2. Remove human error when it comes to ordering inventory. Crash carts can hold a lot of product that might otherwise be kept in a central location. Without an automated system in place, maintaining proper inventory quantities and qualities is a constant challenge and an opportunity for human error.
  3. Get cost savings on low units of medication. There are cost efficiencies with replenishing in low units rather than buying medication “bricks.” With an automated notification and order to provide refills, a practice can lower its fixed costs.
  4. Reduce waste. By receiving new medications just prior to expiration of the older ones, there is less overlap and less waste.
  5. Efficiently manage piles of paperwork. What if it were in one place online? Furthermore, your practice needs an audit trail. Having all paperwork in one place makes an audit much easier if it does occur.

The HealthFirst OnTraq Crash Cart Management Solution

HealthFirst specializes in medications replenishment management through our proprietary OnTraq systemThrough HealthFirst’s Crash Cart Auto-Replenishment Program, you can ensure your crash cart is up-to-date and compliant. HealthFirst tracks and automatically replaces medications and equipment just prior to expiration to maximize shelf life, save money and ensure readiness. We even provide single quantities of medications.

Free Access to OnTraQ

Crash Cart Auto-Replenishment includes free access to OnTraq, HealthFirst’s online suite of tools that will enable you to view your list of medications with expiration dates, see upcoming shipments, and manage your account. Learn more today at https://www.statkit.com/ontraq-auto-refill.

[1] https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/quality/10-reasons-you-should-automate-crash-cart-management.html