HealthFirst Expands Medications and Supplies Available For Purchase

Medication ampules

As a licensed drug wholesaler and repackager, HealthFirst has the unique ability to replace medications in the low unit of measure quantities often needed for emergency medical kits and crash carts. Based on feedback from our customers on medications and supplies they are seeking to purchase, HealthFirst has added these items:

All are available at or by calling HealthFirst at 800-331-1984. With every medication refill you will also receive a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope for safe disposal-by-mail of your unused medications.

If you need other medications for your practice, please let us know by emailing We are always looking to save you money and make managing your medications easier. We know that reducing the number of suppliers helps practices run more efficiently, as does automating the replacement of anything that expires.

Stay Always Updated With OnTraq Auto-Replenishment

HealthFirst’s OnTraq automated replenishment program tracks the expiration dates of emergency medications and supplies in your emergency medical kit or crash cart and prompts replacement shipments prior to their expiration. This free service (you pay only for the refills) helps you maximize shelf life through just-in-time management of your medications and supplies that have an expiry date.

Because medications and some emergency supplies have a limited shelf life, near-continuous monitoring is required to ensure you’re ready in event of a medical emergency. Through OnTraq, you can see the status of your medications, manage upcoming refill shipments, and easily manage your account, saving you time while keeping you compliant.