Pharmacist Responds to Medical Emergency, Helps Save a Life

Pharmacist counseling a customer

Medical professionals know they might be asked to respond to a medical emergency at any time or place. A CVS pharmacist learned this lesson this year when a 57-year-old man, Mark Davey, came in for some Benadryl, not knowing the severity of the reaction he was having.

Davey was simply eating lunch when he started experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction. Not being familiar with anaphylaxis, he knew he needed help, prompting him to go to the local CVS when he was experiencing a potentially life-threatening condition.

The pharmacist Bhavini Patel took one look at him and called the paramedics. Then she gave him an EpiPen shot, an injection of epinephrine, a synthetic version of adrenaline used to reverse the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction.

As this pharamacist no doubt learned, emergency preparedness is a must when you’re a medical professional. You cannot control what emergencies may occur around you, but you can help control the outcome by having the proper education, training, plan and supplies.

STAT KIT® emergency medical kits include a variety of life-saving medical devices and drugs, including epinephrine auto-injectors, similar to the one used to save Davey in this case.

Here’s the full story as reported in the news.