Quick Response to Medical Emergency at a Health Care Conference

Emergency response

You never know when a medical emergency may occur.

That simple and self-evident fact has never been as evident to us as a time recently when our emergency medical kit was called into action at the National Commission on Correctional Health Care for use during an emergency. While many of the attendees were physicians, none expected to be called into action during an educational conference such as this.

Convention Attendee Experiences a Medical Emergency

One of the attendees was suffering from low blood sugar and collapsed. She was with friends who knew of her condition and knew she had not eaten recently. Another attendee, having remembered seeing the STAT KIT display ran back to see if there was any glucose available. As with all our emergency medical kits, the STAT KIT 550 on display did have glucose.

The glucose was used to bring up the patient’s blood sugar and her condition was resolved before EMS arrived.

This was yet another example of why it is important to always be ready with emergency medical supplies. You never know where and when an medical emergency may arise. Whether you are at your clinic, at home, or out and about, medical emergencies occur. While 911 is instrumental in the chain of survival, so is the training of bystanders to administer professional care and the equipment to enable them to do so.