Surgeon General Urges Equipping More Americans With Naloxone

U.S. opioid crisis

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams recommended today that more Americans should be equipped with Narcan (naloxone) to save victims of opioid overdoses.  “Research shows that when naloxone and overdose education are available to community members, overdose deaths decrease in those communities,” noted Dr. Adams.

Adams said that the number of overdose deaths nationally from prescription and illicit opioids doubled in recent years: from 21,089 in 2010 to 42,249 in 2016.

The surgeon general commented, “We should think of naloxone like an EpiPen or CPR.”

U.S. Surgeon GeneralOfficial Advisory Underlines Importance of Naloxone

To make a strong statement, the Surgeon General made an official surgeon general’s advisory, a tool that has not been used in over 10 years.  “No mother should have to bury their child, and especially not when there’s a life-saving medication that virtually anyone can access,” Adams said. “It is for this reason that I am issuing the first Surgeon General’s Advisory in 13 years.”

HealthFirst Equips Medical Practices With Naloxone

Recognizing the severity of the growing opioid crisis, HealthFirst includes naloxone as one of the core medications in its STAT KIT emergency medical kits. Naloxone also is available for low-unit purchase as pre-filled syringe, Carpuject, vial or nasal spray for physician offices to be always prepared.