Pain Clinic Revives Patient Suffering Possible Opioid Overdose

Nurse with patient

Medical emergencies can happen at any time in a medical practice or facility. Every week, HealthFirst representatives learn from our customers how they have managed a medical emergency using their emergency medical kit or crash cart. The most recent example—an opioid overdose—comes from a Louisiana pain management clinic.

During a procedure to refill a patient’s intrathecal pain pump, the patient went into medical distress and showed signs of possible opioid overdose.

The nurse practitioner conducting the procedure took immediate action by administering naloxone injection from their HealthFirst emergency medical kit. Two vials of naloxone were delivered to the patient.

Clinic staff performed manual resuscitation, the patient was stabilized and then transferred to a local emergency room.  The patient recovered.

It is fortunate for the patient that the pain clinic staff were well prepared and had the right equipment and medications on hand for assistance.

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