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Rendering first aid

6 Tips To Choose the Best Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

As a medical doctor or staff member, your patients trust you with their lives. In the event of a cardiac arrest, CPR can only take you so far. The chance of...
Young patient in imaging center

Imaging Centers Quick to Help Patients In Medical Emergency

Unexpected allergic reactions can happen at any time in a medical practice or facility – to patients, staff or even family members in the waiting room. Every week, HealthFirst representatives learn...
crash cart at nurse station

Keep Your Crash Cart Up to Date With OnTraq Automation

If you manage a crash cart, you know it's time-consuming to inspect drug dates and replace expiring items. At least, that used to be true. Managing medications has become much easier through...
Medication ampules

HealthFirst Expands Medications and Supplies Available For Purchase

As a licensed drug wholesaler and repackager, HealthFirst has the unique ability to replace medications in the low unit of measure quantities often needed for emergency medical kits and crash carts....
medical emergency guide for physicians

Medical Emergency Preparation Guide For Physicians [INFOGRAPHIC]

Be Ready To Respond to a Medical Emergency Most medical practices inevitably need to provide medical help to someone experiencing one of the five most common medical emergency conditions.  You’ll want to...
Cardiac test monitoring

Managing an Allergic Reaction To Contrast Dye

Every week, HealthFirst representatives learn from our customers how they have managed a medical emergency using their emergency medical kit or crash cart. The most recent example—an allergic reaction—comes from a...

Dr. Pancioli’s Advice to Physicians: Be Ready for Medical Emergencies

Dr. Arthur Pancioli thinks often about that very ill patient in your waiting room who should instead be in an emergency room.  As chairman of the Department of Medicine at the...
Pharmacist counseling a customer

Pharmacist Responds to Medical Emergency, Helps Save a Life

Medical professionals know they might be asked to respond to a medical emergency at any time or place. A CVS pharmacist learned this lesson this year when a 57-year-old man, Mark...

With Opioid Crisis Growing, Doctors Need to be Equipped with Naloxone

Naloxone quickly has become a key medication that all medical professionals should have on hand, and be ready to use in a medical emergency, says Dr. Arthur Pancioli, chair of the...
Older man having cardiac arrest

Prepare Your Medical Office to Respond to a Cardiac Medical Emergency

With nearly half of the U.S. population at risk, are you ready for a cardiac medical emergency in your facility? As the #1 cause of death in the United States, cardiovascular disease...
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